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The era-transceiver® with optical radio signal is used as interface for the high-speed data transfer from 100 MBit/s to 1 GBit/s. For future applications, where higher data rates are needed, era-contact temporarily develops the next generation with 10 GBit/s.

The era-transceiver® is the interface for the high-speed data transfer between carriages of rail vehicles. Whereas the era-transceiver® works as an active component, it offers a signal regeneration in the network. Another major advantage of the system is the galvanically decoupled connection. This type of transmission is a secure connection to mechanical vibration and electromagnetic interference pulses, thus ensuring high availability in your train.

Application areas:

· Retrofitting rail vehicles
· Entertainment, video and passenger information systems
· Internet and VPN
· Monitoring systems (real-time video in high picture quality)
· No more need for parallel bus systems (WTB, MVB, train bus)


· High-speed data transfer with 100MBit and 1GBit (10GBit in development)
· Offers signal regeneration
· Galvanically decoupled connection
· Voltage free contact as status inquiry
· Various possibilities for interfaces (RJ45, M12, SC)
· Allows a high degree of imprecise clearance / tolerance
· No coupling forces on contacts

The perfect retrofit solution:

Our system with the era-transceiver® can be retrofitted quickly and easily to existing vehicles. This retrofittable solution ensures you all the benefits of flexibility in rail traffic. The era-transceiver® can be used for refurbishment purposes and, of course, for new vehicles.


Retrofit your vehicle with our Ethernet Upgrade Solution, which can quickly and easily be mounted to an existing e-coupling.
Our complete retrofit add-on kit:

  • Left and right expansion housing (era-transceiver® included) for existing coupling
  • Wider flap
  • Spacer rings and screws to mount the control arm to the electric coupling