The ETHERNET-UPGRADE-SOLUTION is a solution for simple Ethernet upgrades in existing systems with a pivoted coupling.

The existing electrical coupling is retained and does not have to be opened (this is often only necessary when new tests are performed on the coupling and in conjunction with renewed acceptance tests).

The solution enables both re-dundancy operation and the use of two transmission channels!


The additional components are attached to the left and right of the existing electrical coupling. Only one new (and longer) flap is required.

Simple installation can be performed by the operator themselves or can be commissioned by our service team.


  • era-transceiver®
  • Housing is adapted according to the installation space
  • Control arm is adapted to the new length
  • A new adapted flap is fitted to protect the era-transceiver® → we offer a self-opening version for couplings without their own drive
  • Optional: Installation by our service team


The advantages for you:

  • An upgrade solution for the transmission of large quantities of data in
  • Fast and particularly modern upgrade of older models of railway vehicle
  • Customer-specific adaptations are possible, even for third-party products
  • Independent installation is possible