Ethernet Series Solution for electrical couplings

The era-transceiver® is directly installed in automatic couplings for initial equipping. The era-transceiver® has already undergone field testing for series use.

The optical interface is the position where contacts are usually installed, although they are not required here.

The era-transceiver® unit is easy to install. era-contact always manufactures products to meet customer-specific requirements.


Option 1

You order era-contacts electrical railway coupling directly with integrated era-transceiver® in the contact carrier in order to guarantee optimal data transmission adapted to the digital requirements of rail traffic.

The advantages for you:

  • No additional installation space is required because the era-transceiver® is integrated in the contact carrier
  • State of the art – no further upgrades are necessary
  • Field-tested
  • After-sales Service

Option 2

The era-transceiver® serves as a mounting option, i. e. the existing electrical coupling is extended. No modification of the insulation block itself is necessary!

Further options for extending the coupling can be found here:

The advantages for you:

  • An upgrade solution without damaging the original couplin
  • Customer-specific adaptations to the circumstances
  • A simple solution as a response to the increased digital requirements in railway traffi
  • Fast and particularly modern upgrade of older models of railway vehicles