era-contact GmbH
Bretten & Herrenberg, Germany

The senior management of the “era-contact” brand operates at the head office of era-contact Germany in Bretten. The Bretten location serves as a central point for our global technical development and design and acts as an important production site for prototypes and for orders servicing up to the middle segment.

We offer

  • Customized engineering
  • Design-to-cost workshops
  • Manufacture of prototypes, quantities of 1 unit to serial production
  • Global relocation expertise
  • High level of vertical integration
  • After-Sales

Benefits of our locations in Germany:

  • Close networking with all other international locations
  • German engineering quality and certified standards
  • Training site for up-and-coming experts and managers
  • Intercultural and flexible teams of experts
  • Development, project management and production under one roof: short distances, 
        day-to-day communications, quality assurance
  • Immediate proximity to holding Company

Our expertise, the trust on the part of our partners and customers and the resulting mutual success have grown steadily with the history of era-contact.

This steady growth rests on long-term and strategically correct decisions with the focus on mutual success with our customers, suppliers and employees. Only fulfilling all these requirements can establish us as the world market leader for electrical railway couplings and as an innovative system supplier of UIC connectors, contact systems and cable assemblies, control cabinets and solutions for Ethernet upgrades.

 We secure our head start in innovation through continual analyses and generic developments, i.e. targeted, strategically effective and bank-independent investments, and through cooperation with renowned institutions from science and research (see “Paperless Production”). We also strive for the continual development of new products of outstanding quality: our proprietary, patented solutions belong as much to our product portfolio (see era-transceiver®) as do the standard solutions we have optimized (see UIC Connectors).

Today we can proudly look back on a company history of more than 90 years: founded in 1928 as FABEG in Berlin and part of AEG, our success story began with the production of steam generators and the generation of electricity for the introduction of electric lighting on locomotives. Since 2000 we have been a subsidiary of the family-owned holding company, aichele GROUP GmbH + Co. KG, which is now in its second generation and 100%-owned by the Aichele family.