era-contact USA, LLC
Liberty, South Carolina

Since 2009, we at era-contact USA have served North America as the world market leader for electrical railway couplings, as production specialists for electrical contacts and contact systems and as an innovative system supplier for high-tech products in the sector of cable assemblies and control cabinets.

From the start we have always offered top quality, with a range of products and services tailored to customers’ needs, from design to manufacturing.

We offer

  • Customer-specific development
  • Manufacture of prototypes
  • series production of our products
  • After-sales and other Services 

Benefits of our location in SC, USA:

  • Proximity to our customers on the North American continent
  • Outstanding and application-oriented training system for high quality
  • From development to local series production
  • Logistical advantages through low transport costs and short delivery times
  • German engineering Quality

Since 2017 our plant in Liberty, South Carolina, has in particular established greater proximity to our customers on the North American continent – we place special value on this close partnership.

Over a production area of more than 3,440 m² we design and manufacture products to meet the specific requirements of our customers and develop the optimal solutions for them. Our speedy production processes and prompt deliveries with excellent, certified quality ensure a smooth and efficient workflow and outstanding cooperation with our partners.

Supporting these rapid deliveries is a centralized infrastructure incorporating the international airports Charlotte Douglas, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta and Greenville-Spartanburg, including our logistically optimized point of departure. Consequently we can efficiently cover the demand for all of the USA operating from Pickens County Commerce Park.

The Pickens County Commerce Park location is a continually growing industrial area only for world-class companies. A crucial prerequisite for the high level of our production quality is the outstanding, application-oriented training system in Liberty, SC, for locally and highly qualified employees, whose daily dedication further fortifies the era-contact brand’s claim to Quality.