era-contact Tunesia S.A.R.L
Bizerte, Tunesien

Our Tunisian site was founded back in 1982 by a former subsidiary of the aichele GROUP, and has been used by the era-contact brand since the acquisition of era-contact in 2000. Close cooperation and sharing of the same language between the locations in Germany and Tunisia unites different cultures with the common goal of achieving success.

As a certified manufacturing site, we have perfected our production processes and geared them to serial production and the turnout of high unit numbers. Our core areas of competence lie mainly in the production of cable assemblies and control cabinets.

We offer:

  • Serial production
  • Smooth workflow
  • High level of vertical integration
  • Quality Management

Benefits of our location in Bizerte, Tunesia:

  • High-qualified employees
  • Specialists trained at era-contact, also in Germany
  • Very good infrastructure
  • Time-optimized processes
  • Internal German instruction for adequate exchanges of information between the locations
  • Close coordination with the German Location

The joint success with our partners rests on their steadily growing trust and on the stability of our outstanding quality at the Tunisian site. The recognition of our performance by our customers led to the move to a larger production facility in 2010 in order to handle the ever-increasing volume of orders at era-contact with our usual high speed and excellent quality. Since then, era-contact Tunisia has been carrying out production over an area of roughly 3,500 m².

We have optimized the handling of customer orders by continually optimizing the relevant processes. The goal is a smooth workflow with fast production times and consistently high quality. The logistical processes with the location in Germany have also been fine-tuned so as to ensure 100% utilization of the available transport capacity. Meanwhile, to the benefit of our customers we minimize costs, optimize delivery routes and also gain valuable time in the completion of our customer orders.